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Entering the 103rd dimension: Scientists reveal quantum breakthrough | Mail Online

Researchers have a made a major step forward in the development of quantum computers that can run at speeds far faster than current systems. A Spanish team claims to have created a pair of particles with 103 dimensions. The experiment … Continue reading

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Primordial gravitational wave discovery heralds ‘whole new era’ in physics | Science |

Scientists have heralded a “whole new era” in physics with the detection of “primordial gravitational waves” – the first tremors of the big bang. The minuscule ripples in space-time are the last prediction of Albert Einstein’s 1916 general theory of … Continue reading

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What People Really Look Like. ~ Dale Favier | elephant journal

Everybody on a massage table is beautiful. There are really no exceptions to this rule. At that first long sigh, at that first thought that “I can stop hanging on now, I’m safe” – a luminosity, a glow, begins. Within … Continue reading

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