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I have been called a modern day shaman. I am a healer, artist, actor, photographer and didgeridoo player, living by the lake in Crestline California. I do a broad range of shamanic services, including: body and energy work, sound healing, space clearing and ritual smudging. I perform at yoga studios, retreats and workshops. I even do weddings.

Is this the world’s oldest secret code?

When I was a child I would often sit and doodle, drawing interconnected geometric shapes, zig-zags and squiggles, until I had filled an entire sheet of paper with amazingly intricate patterns.  Often, when I see a new discovery of some … Continue reading

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Bee, scorpion and snake venom may hold cancer cure –

It’s ancient medicine with a sci-fi-sounding twist.A scientist at the University of Illinois, Dipanjan Pan, and his team say they may have found a way to stop cancer cell growth, according to a paper presented at the American Chemical Society … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Blue Holes of the Bahamas | Mysterious Universe

The island of Andros in the Bahamas is a mystical place. It is a tropical, sun-kissed land of clear blue seas and pristine, white sand beaches. Possessing immense biological and geographical diversity, with a wide range of habitats across an … Continue reading

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Neanderthals were not less intelligent than modern humans, scientists find | Science | The Guardian

Scientists have concluded that Neanderthals were not the primitive dimwits they are commonly portrayed to have been. The view of Neanderthals as club-wielding brutes is one of the most enduring stereotypes in science, but researchers who trawled the archaeological evidence … Continue reading

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What is our crime that separates us from God?

Originally posted on Jim Palmer:
“Sin,” “repent,” and “eternal life” are among the top words and phrases that have taken on a meaning in pop-Christianity that Jesus would have never endorsed or taught. It just underscores the power of groupthink…

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Mysterious illness killing off starfish on both US coasts

( —A mysterious illness is killing starfish, or sea stars, on both U.S. coasts in unprecedented numbers, and marine scientists have no idea what it is or how to help the creatures survive. In a News Focus article published in … Continue reading

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BBC News – Spain: Endangered hamster-sized deer born in zoo

The newborn deer is “no bigger than a hamster” and weighs about 100 grams, staff at Bioparc Fuengirola tell the El Pais newspaper. Adult Java mouse-deer are rarely bigger than rabbits or weigh more than 1kg (2.2lb). They are also … Continue reading

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Yellowstone Volcano Eruption in 2014? Are Animals Are Fleeing Park As ‘An Alert’?

A number of bloggers are posting videos that show bison and other animals allegedly leaving Yellowstone National Park, prompting theories that as earthquakes ramp up the seismic activity will set off the Yellowstone supervolcano. Two of the main bloggers behind … Continue reading

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Entering the 103rd dimension: Scientists reveal quantum breakthrough | Mail Online

Researchers have a made a major step forward in the development of quantum computers that can run at speeds far faster than current systems. A Spanish team claims to have created a pair of particles with 103 dimensions. The experiment … Continue reading

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Primordial gravitational wave discovery heralds ‘whole new era’ in physics | Science |

Scientists have heralded a “whole new era” in physics with the detection of “primordial gravitational waves” – the first tremors of the big bang. The minuscule ripples in space-time are the last prediction of Albert Einstein’s 1916 general theory of … Continue reading

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