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Malibu Healer Mountain Retreats

Weekend Retreat: Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon in the picturesque mountains high above San Bernardino! This is a “Bed and Breakfast” style retreat, you will be staying in a private room in my home with 2 cats, a bunny and me.  I am a certified massage therapist and an all-faith minister.

Get away from it all with an all inclusive weekend in the mountains within walking distance of Lake Gregory. This retreat can be an intensive healing experience or just a place to get a hot meal, a massage and a warm bed after a long day on the slopes. You can just relax, breathe the fresh mountain air, take a walk around the lake or join me on a hike or a sightseeing tour. You can choose from any or all of the optional activities below and customize your retreat in any way you wish. But remember to set aside time for the TWO 90 minute massage sessions that come with your weekend. As your host I can be as involved in your retreat as you like. I can direct your entire experience, or leave you to your own devices.

The cabin has a deck with a filtered view of the lake in Crestline CA. Antique stores and gift shops are walking distance. Only 15 minutes to Lake Arrowhead and 40 minutes to Big Bear. It’s surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in Southern California. Lake Gregory is home to some pretty decent fishing, and is stocked with trout regularly. In the summer you can rent boats, or go for a splash on the giant waterslide.

Here is what comes with your retreat (bold), some activities that are included but optional (*), and things you can do on your own (**):

Cleansing Smudge
Two 90 Minute Massage/Healing Sessions
Private Room and Bath
Home Cooked Meals
Sound Healing *
Guided Meditation *
Healing Hike *
Shopping **
Hiking **
Fishing **
Boating **
Waterslide **
Sightseeing **
Photography **
Dining **
Skiing **
Snowboarding **

Please feel free to go snowboarding all day, or do anything you like. These services are included but not mandatory.

Available technologies: WiFi, Ethernet, iMac, DirectTV, DVD, Printer.


Weekend Healing Retreat (3 days, 2 nights, 2 massages, breakfast, dinner and private room)

$400 for 1 person, $750 for 2 people (double occupancy)

Mini Healing Retreat (1 night, 1 massage, dinner, breakfast and private room)

$200 per person. Availability may be limited. Mondays and Tuesdays are best bets.

Reserve your spot now with a $200 deposit

More about Malibu Healer Mountain Retreats

Cleansing Smudge

Upon your arrival I will conduct a Cleansing Smudge Ceremony, to cleanse your energy body, with the smoke of Sage, Copal, Sandalwood and Nag Champa.

Massage/Healing Session
Would you like your body work to actually benefit your healing process? At 6’8″, and almost 280 lbs, I do deep work in a gentle, yet powerful way. I am an all-faith Minister that is also a Reiki Practitioner, and I am blessed as an Intuitive Healer. I am respectful of all genders and orientations.

My 90 minute personalized energy/body work healing session is a Long Island Iced Tea of modalities: Massage, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue and Intuition — customized to your specific needs.

Private Room and Bath

Your accomodations include a large private room with a queen sized bed, plenty of storage, an iMac and a forest view. Steps away is the private bathroom with a shower tub and a view of the lake. Walk through the Healing Room to the upper deck where you can stretch out, sit and read, or just breath the fresh mountain air. Also a great stargazing spot at night.


Healthy, homemade meals are also included in your Healing Retreat. Whether you’re a total carnivore, a vegetarian or somewhere in between, your food will be customized for you. You can specify a restriction (no dairy!) or a request (I love seafood!) and leave the rest to me, or, we can discuss your exact needs. Breakfast and Dinner will be prepared, and lunch is “Raid the Kitchen” style. Drinks and Snacks are always available. If you want Happy Hour, feel free to bring your favorite beverage.

Sound Healing *

The Sound Healing is about a 30 minute treatment. You stand in a resonant chamber as I use various sound producing instruments to remove negative energy, settle your brainwave activity and get your quanta all spinning in the same direction. The didgeridoo is heavily featured along with various rattles and chimes.

Guided Meditation *

Sit back, relax, breath deeply and let me guide you on a meditation custimized to your needs.

Healing Hike *

I will guide you on a Healing Hike in the local woods or mountains. Taking cues and signs from nature I will help you regain balance and remove blockages. Learn to use your attention in a more present way, shut off your internal dialog and flow with the earth.

* these activities are included if you want to participate in them, feel free to go shopping instead. Let me know if you want to work any or all of them into your schedule.

A very loose itinerary


1-3 pm … Arrive
3-4 pm … Sage Smudge and Didgeridoo Energy Cleanse
4-6 pm … Free Time (massage, meditation, walk/hike, shop, sightsee, etc.)
6-7 pm … Happy Hour (beer, wine, cocktails, tea, coffee, kambucha, juices, etc.)
7-9 pm … Dinner
9 > pm … Free Time (massage, meditation, walk/hike, etc.)


9-10 am … Breakfast
10-1 pm … Free Time (massage, meditation, walk/hike, shop, sightsee, etc.)
1-2 pm … Lunch
2-6 pm … Free Time (massage, meditation, walk/hike, lake activities, shop, etc.)
6-7 pm … Happy Hour (beer, wine, cocktails, tea, coffee, kambucha, juices, etc.)
7-9 pm … Dinner
9 > pm … Free Time (massage, meditation, walk/hike, etc.)


9-10 am … Breakfast
10-1 pm … Free Time (massage, meditation, walk/hike, shop, sightsee, etc.)
1-2 pm … Lunch
2 > pm … Free Time (massage, meditation, walk/hike, lake activities, shop, etc.)

For more information, or to discuss the details of your retreat, email me at

Reserve your spot now with a $200 deposit


City of Crestline

Chamber of Commerce

Crestline Wikipedia

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