Ancient Hearth Found In Israel Dates Back 300,000 Years, Scientists Say

I have always intuitively felt, and some of my research has hinted, that modern humans have been around a lot longer than the conventional wisdom holds.  Hopefully, I will live long enough to see more proof of this revealed.

A newly discovered hearth full of ash and charred bone in a cave in modern-day Israel hints that early humans sat around fires as early as 300,000 years ago — before Homo sapiens arose in Africa.

In and around the hearth, archaeologists say they also found bits of stone tools that were likely used for butchering and cutting animals.

via Ancient Hearth Found In Israel Dates Back 300,000 Years, Scientists Say.

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6 Responses to Ancient Hearth Found In Israel Dates Back 300,000 Years, Scientists Say

  1. chris9911 says:

    Lately I’ve changed the way I view our human history. If first man existed 300k years ago, they all would have killed each other about 250k years ago leaving nothing but processed pollution and destruction. We are hopeless and destruction is in our nature, sadly.

    • I feel what you are saying, but I mean modern in a physiological sense. If we had a similar population, you would probably be right, but ‘back in the day’ there were far too many things out there that wanted to kill us already, without us needing to kill ourselves. There just wasn’t the critical mass of population that currently seems to drive our self destructive nature.

  2. chris9911 says:

    didn’t we go from 1bllion population to 7billion population in just over 200 years? even if the rate was reduced down to linear rate instead of the current exponential rate, 300k years of human reproduction doesn’t make sense. I don’t buy the notion we were ever the race of being hunted, I don’t see it. We kill everything that moves on this planet. Further more, the bigger and scarier the “beast” is, there is even a greater thirst to kill that too. If the meteor/asteroid/climate change didn’t wipe out the dinosaurs first, I am certain mankind would have wiped them out.

    • No, we probably were not the prey animals of large beasts, but tiny ones. I just think that many more “civilizations” of humans have risen and fallen than we can count in unearthed ruins and bones. I think your point fits in nicely. We have populated and destroyed ourselves many times over, leaving trace populations to start again. I mean, it is just a thought, and it doesn’t leave out the possibility that we have been around a long time and nearly wiped ourselves out repeatedly.

      • chris9911 says:

        Makes sense to me, we just repeat the same cycle over and over again. The future of current version of the civilization is so predictable. I give it another 100 years before the whole “Adam & Eve” story starts up

  3. One thing for sure, another 100 years, mostly all new people… PS I enjoy your sense of humor in your blog.

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