Ministry – Malibu Healer Crestline

I have been an ordained minister for the last 15 years or so, first by the Universal Life Church, and more recently by the Church of the Latter Day Dude. While these ordinations may seem whimsical, I do take my ministry seriously. Not TOO seriously, mind you, but I am committed to helping others on their Spiritual Path. I have studied many religions and philosophies and feel they can all be incorporated into a Spiritual Life. I try to follow the teachings of Jesus, as well as those of Buddha, Ghandi and Carlos Castaneda, to name a few. I include many Indigenous practices in my bag of tricks. Mostly, I believe in Love. Loving each other, taking nothing personally, always doing our best and never taking ourselves too seriously. I believe in taming the Ego, losing Self-importance, achieving Inner Silence, and a creating a clear link to Spirit and Intent. I also do Weddings!

Ministry – Malibu Healer Crestline.


About Malibu Healer

I have been called a modern day shaman. I am a healer, artist, actor, photographer and didgeridoo player, living by the lake in Crestline California. I do a broad range of shamanic services, including: body and energy work, sound healing, space clearing and ritual smudging. I perform at yoga studios, retreats and workshops. I even do weddings.
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