U.S. violent crime down for 5th year in 2011: FBI | Reuters

I can remember a time in the 70s, when I lived on a suburban street with 55 other kids.  We all knew each other, it made great hide and seek games and kick the can games possible, and you could go into anyone’s house for dinner.  We did have one old man down the street that all the kids knew to stay away from, but it didn’t play a very big part in our lives.  Most of the time our parents didn’t even know where we were.  I would be gone for most of the day, hiking in the hills, playing in the creek or riding my bike with friends.

Were our parents crazy?  I don’t think so.  But the fact of the matter is, it was a FAR more dangerous world for kids back then, than it is today.  I guess the media is to blame.  I have so many friends with preteen and teenaged kids that don’t ever go out, don’t know anyone on their street, and have never caught baby toads down at the creek.  The parents say “It’s a dangerous world out there!” but the facts say it isn’t.

Something about this makes me sad.


U.S. violent crime down for 5th year in 2011: FBI | Reuters.


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I have been called a modern day shaman. I am a healer, artist, actor, photographer and didgeridoo player, living by the lake in Crestline California. I do a broad range of shamanic services, including: body and energy work, sound healing, space clearing and ritual smudging. I perform at yoga studios, retreats and workshops. I even do weddings.
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