Are Emotions Prophetic? | Wired Science |

Interesting article, but once again a misleading headline. What they are talking about is not necessarily ’emotion’ per se, it is more like intuition.  We do remember large chunks of data better when there is a especially positive or negative emotion involved.  That makes that memory a sort of database for rationality.  Although I do subscribe to the “yum or yuck’ line of intuition based decision making (does something seem immediately yummy to you, or yucky?).  One thing they don’t cover in the article is that some of the decisions and outcomes they are making predictions on, based on their emotional response, were also initially decided by someone else making an emotion based decision.  That would make them more likely to line up.

For more on how we make decisions I recommend the book “Thinking: Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman


Are Emotions Prophetic? | Wired Science |


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