The Unobservable Universe: A Framework for Understanding the Universe by Scott M. Tyson

Update – I have finished reading this book.  I don’t get really excited about too many ideas.  Generally only ideas that – Scott will cringe – FEEL true.  His Theory of Everything is simple and elegant, and washes away paradoxes that have troubled man for millennium.  Not that he EVER makes this point (he is almost comically loathe to…), but there is room in his theory for Intention, Manifestation, Telepathy, Energy Healing and a MASS of metaphysical ideas big enough to give Scott a coronary (and he lives in NEW MEXICO!).  No time travel though, sorry.  I am not going to be any more of a spoiler, so if you buy into the idea that I might know what I’m talking about, even a little, PLEASE read this book. It’s free, it goes right into iBooks or anything else.

I am reading this free ebook right now, almost done, and I have to say that I have enjoyed it very much so far.  For physics fans there is a lot of review, but it frames his ideas.  For the layperson it is fairly accessible, and not without (some corny) humor.  At best this guy has a working theory of everything, a worst he gives the reader a LOT to think about.

The Unobservable Universe: A Framework for Understanding the Universe by Scott M. Tyson.


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I have been called a modern day shaman. I am a healer, artist, actor, photographer and didgeridoo player, living by the lake in Crestline California. I do a broad range of shamanic services, including: body and energy work, sound healing, space clearing and ritual smudging. I perform at yoga studios, retreats and workshops. I even do weddings.
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